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The Sex Resort Part 2




Genres: Erotica


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The follow up to Sex Resort with characters new and old and scenes you won’t believe. Join the staff and visitors to this Resort and follow their sexy shenanigans The TOC may not be perfect after conversion, but the chapters are all there.


What the fuck,…. Oh, it’s you.” Tom continues to grope up my tits under my crop top, then reaches into my crotch to rub my twat He has a habit of doing this while I’m at the resorts check -in desk. I can feel his huge cock right up against my tight ass, rubbing up and down in my crease. Tom has not been the same since he took part in the film shoot for that big tit magazine. He was always after fucking any woman who got a glimpse of his huge dick, now he’s far worse. He’s developed a habit of entertaining two, or even three women at once out on the grass in full public view of the other guests, not that it doesn’t happen with other couples. It does. “Tom, not now, I’m busy.” “Not too busy for this,” he brags waving his ten-inch dick at me. Normally I’d grab it fast, then suck his balls dry before taking it in my ever-horny pussy. “Tom, come back later, I’ll happily give you my pussy then.” “When?” he says. “This afternoon; anyways, if you’re that desperate, there’s load of hot Moms out there who are on the look-out for big dicked men. Go seduce one; you usually do.” “Look Tom, I’ve fucked dozens of older men, I want a change. I want a hot, young boy-teen.” I stare at his huge thick rod, shiver, then wave him away. “It’s three weeks since, the boys left, and I miss them so. No more early morning fuck sessions and I do so need it real bad. Frigging myself off every day is just not the same, nor is a dildo-fuck. Fun, but it’s missing that interaction that I crave so much. He shrugs, then mooches off. His wife, Loretta wanders in.

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