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Erotic Short Stories




Genres: Erotica


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At an especially low introductory price, a collection of short stories with an erotic flavouring, some featuring new characters, some bonus chapters from existing books. Get a taste of my stories with just your spare change


Desk Sergeant McBain has an all too evil grin plastered across his gritty face when Patrolwomen, Patricia Minolski and Lisa Frenton report for duty. An evil grin is bad, very bad. It is a portent of unwanted news for the attractive duo; a nasty, underhand surprise in waiting that he knows of, and they don’t. It would have caused two lesser women to possibly tremble in terror, but Minolski and Frenton, two of the hottest cops in the precinct, have both faced far greater terrors. Flashers, naked jumpers, controlling a crowd of rapacious women at a male-stripper night to name a few. After these kinds of unruly experiences, surely nothing can faze our heroine’s, …or can it? “Oh, you’re happy, I guess you that got some last night, huh Sarge? How much did you pay?” “Very amusing Minolski. I’ll have you know, ….. hey what the fuck? Its not any business of yours. Now get your asses into the chief’s office, pronto. He has a special assignment for the pair of you, and with your prior experience, I’m sure it will be right up your alley. Yeah alley, just about the right location for you two,” and now he begins to laugh uproariously, pleased at his own joke. It’s a laugh that grows in volume as the pair look at each other and then completely ignore his order, after all, a make-up check is a far more important priority for a girl. “I don’t like it; he’s too damn cocky today,” mutters Lisa, brushing at her thick, long blonde hair, and then slipping it into a ponytail. She checks out her face, smooths her blue blouse down over her full, jutting breasts, adjusts her, far too-short, skirt on her hips and then watches her sexy, dark-haired companion as she hastily makes some quick repairs to her face to bring herself back into the light of day. It had been quite a night for Trisha. She’d shared it with two, hot black studs, whose voracious appetite for her seductive body had ensured that she didn’t get much sleep. Indeed, they’d even come back to life the next morning for more sex, before she could get away. A double-up fuck before work might be invigorating, but not when it’s the third in twelve hours, still, a sensible girl never turns a good deal down, does she? “I guess we’ll soon find out. God, I need some sleep.” “Dirty bitch. Two guys? You might have called me over to share?”

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