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Love And Lust In Sultry Valley




Genres: Erotica


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Sultry Valley. USA. A small town well off the main highway, nothing remarkable here except a high birth-rate among teenagers and a hospital filled with men suffering from nervous exhaustion. Riley smells a story, uses his vacation from his job as a reporter to investigate and is thrown into the hot bed of sexual tension that undermines the Valley. Women are hungry for men, need loving and the most affected are the teenagers who come of age at eighteen and undergo a change that drives them to crave wild unadulterated sex. But the middle aged women who live in the Valley are just as desperate for a good wholesome sexy man in their lives and they soon set their sights on this handsome newcomer with inevitable results. Can he fend off Judy or her Daughter Jolene, Mandy young and demanding, Leila lonely and in need of a man, Desiree, the hot sensual Librarian and most of all Bonnie, the most desired woman in the valley whose only contact with the outside world is through her tv appearances as a pin-up newsgirl at the station run by her reclusive husband. Can he unravel the mystery and write his scoop or will he fall prey to the vixens that This novel is for women who demand spice in their reading shows small town USA with the wraps off. It is a romantic, hot and totally fulfilling novel that reveals the desires of the modern women with a raw passion that they desperately need to fulfil. It is about these women and their dreams and the man who might make them come true.


Robbie pulls over by the road sign: Sultry Valley, pop. 17,452, … 3,… 4. The numbers are rolling over before his eyes as he stares at the electronic sign. The small town is way off the main turnpike and he lets out a sigh of relief at having found it as he puts his map aside. He’s 26 years old and he’s just recently graduated from college and is in his first year as a junior reporter for the State newspaper. Near six feet tall, clean cut good looks, short crew-cut hair, muscular though not overly so. Sultry Valley is to be the basis for his first story. He can feel that there is potential there and he has taken a two-week vacation to gather information for his planned article. He opens his flask, pours out a coffee then he wonders as he sips, if travelling to this small, out of the way township is such a good idea after all. No; ….no time for second thoughts now. He’s booked his room, paid the deposit; no backing out now. He’s also done his research. The figures didn’t make much sense. Small General Hospital, most of the cases recorded in the last year; births. Lots of births, and among the menfolk, nervous exhaustion and that is it. The odd older citizen with the usual problems, but the bulk of his investigations point to only one thing; a lot of women are getting pregnant and a lot of men are falling ill with a pretty unusual illness. He’s sensed there is something odd going on in this place, something not quite the norm, something that needs explaining. Is there a story to be told? That’s to be discovered, but not by self-doubts. Robbie finishes the drink, tosses the flask onto the passenger seat and then he starts up the engine. As he pulls away he feels a new excitement course through his veins; this is his first story waiting to be discovered.

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