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Taboolicious Temptation Stories




Genres: Erotica


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A new collection of stories that feature inter family sex.Varied stories, featuring different situations.


Lindy brushes her thick red hair back from her face, and then smiles across the room at her best pal, Regina. Her fingers go down between her spread thighs as she takes in the blonde-haired younger woman’s large breasts that are pushing so deliciously at her thin blouse. Her mind drifts back to the previous evening, an evening filled with shared ménage lust. The well-endowed guy that they’d hooked up with in the local bar had certainly given both lusty women a good seeing to, back in their shared flat. His cock had stayed hard throughout countless rounds of horny sexual escapades that only three people in a sexy ménage could contrive for themselves. Her fingers have eased her short, hip-hugging, black skirt upward so that it now sits around her hips. She takes another quick look around at her grinning friend before sneaking a finger into her eager pussy, her head falling back as she feels her clit swell, the delicious thrills rippling through to her own breasts, her nipples suddenly popping up to push at the soft cashmere of her loose top. Lindy looks up, catches Regina’s eye and then stares intently at her as she notices the little jerks of the woman’s shoulder as she plunders her gushing twat. She’s well aware of her beautiful friend’s frequent descent into self-gratification during their office hours. Lindy feels her own face turn red in embarrassment at being caught out frigging her shaved muff, but the thrill that soars through her groin only drives her to slip two stiff fingers into her cunt. “You dirty bitch,” silently mouths Regina, narrowing her eyes as her own fingers rub one of her own hardening nipples. Both women glance around them to check that the third occupant of their small office is not watching them, then, with a nod of her head at Lindy, she too reaches under her summer dress to rub at her tingling snatch. Both women frig away at themselves with thoughts of the previous night’s audacious fun flowing through their heads. The man had been something else. Magnificently muscled, his body shiny from the oil they’d first massaged him with. His huge dick had stood upright, ten gleaming inches of hard, throbbing pussy-pleasing stiff dick, the head cut, and far thicker than its shaft. They’d lashed their joint tongues all over the magnificent trophy to drive the thrilled man close to ejaculation, time after time, but on each approaching orgasm, they’d stopped to let his stiff rod calm down again. Both women being adept cock teasers, they’d known how to hold the man at the very edge of ejaculation for some time; so as to prolong the ecstasy of an orgasm from their victim until the fortunate man was finally allowed his release at last, the delighted vixens both watching intently as they jerked the guys huge rod of through the heady moments of his delayed climax.

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