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Erotica Illustrated Book 2




Genres: Erotica


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Erotica Illustrated Book 2 The second volume of this series; new explicit drawings, new stories.


My name is Cheryl Meads and my sole reason for my still attending Woodley high college every damn day, is because of my love of cock. Yes, I’m a grade one, cock sucking hot, horny cum-slut, and I like nothing better than to have a line of horny, stiff dicked eager guys queuing up for my expert services. Do I charge fees? Fuck yeah baby; £5 a head; though I sometimes throw in a freebie or two when I like a boy, …or hunger a huge fuck-rod, I do so love ‘em big and up hard girls. Are you all shocked at this southern girl’s confession? Well there’s a lot more still to tell, you all like, how I bin sucking my two brothers dicks off at home, every time they want it, ever since I was old enough to realise that they had begun looking at me with a lot more than brotherly love in their eyes. They was already eyeing me up something wild when I was dressed in my tight, tit-filling, pink halter top, my nipples jutting through it, and my tight stretchy, ass-hugging mini skirt with my knee high hose on too. Course, I knew exactly what they was needing from me so bad. I wasn’t no innocent; I’d been watching online porn, and jilling off for some years already by then and I was hungry to get my pink-glossed teen lips real tight around some thick, stiff prick at last. The dam busted loose, when I walked in on my brother Timmy as he was pulling on his stiff, upright boner one summers morning, and he was being egged on by his watching bro, Lawrence from across the room I paused at the open bedroom door, my eyes wide; my twat suddenly on fire as I felt my knees give out a little. Neither horny brother noticed me leaning back against the door frame; my legs spread apart, my head switching from one to the other brother as I got into it, my youthful budding tits heaving with arousal as my fingers worked at my smooth shaved pussy. “Wow Timmy; you’re really jerking on that big thing,” I’d moaned out aloud, and their eyes both turned on me as I trembled through a climax right before those two bad boys. They both jumped at my sneaky intrusion, both their gazes running from my hard nippled teen-tits down to my hand that was now working between my spread thighs. “Dammit Cheryl; You look so fucking hot doing that,” cried out Lawrence, yanking back his own bed covers to reveal his seven inches of rearing lust to my devouring eyes. I grinned when I seen Timmy stroke even faster on his stiff cock as his eyes fixed on my gyrating, aroused teen body. “You boys are so bad, you shouldn’t be jerking on your dicks off like this right in front of me,” I’d retorted, but I was still rubbing my cunny up inside of my white cotton knickers, and I wasn’t about to stop doing that any time soon. I loved that my two Bro’s were so excited by my dirty, most visible misdeed. “You love seeing our dicks up hard don’t you, you wicked girl. You’re doing yourself off right in front of us,” grinned Lawrence; his hand fisting his exciting erection a little faster. “I can’t stop, your cocks are fucking naked and you’re both so bad; using your hands to make them swell up even harder.” I’d replied.

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