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Taboolicious Temptation Stories, Book 2




Genres: Erotica


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The second book in the series, more erotic Stories that delve into Family sex. It doesn’t get any wilder than this


STORY 1: TWO SISTERS ARE TWICE THE FUN It’s seven in the morning and I’m staring down at my big, throbbing cock as my sexy big Sister, Lulu, gives it a good tongue lashing. She’s a twenty nine year old dick sucker, and I started, or actually she started having sex with me some five years ago. I’m her sex toy when she can’t find a guy with a huge dick to lay her sexy ass. Nothing but eight-inches plus, will do for the lust-filled, babe So, she came into my room a half-hour ago, her huge knockers imprisoned in a red mesh top that hid nothing from me, her panties no more than a tiny triangle that I know hide a chunky cunt from my view. “Hey, wake up Jerry,” she’d cried, shaking me awake. My eyes blink open, run over her superb body and my nine-inch cock begins to rise. “Oh good, looks like you got a nice big boner ready for me, under that sheet, big boy.” “She’d whipped off the sheet, stared down at my hard monster of a dick as it swayed and then grabbed it. Lulu knows cocks, dotes on them. She can keep a guy on the edge of his orgasm for absolutely ages as she works her expert tongue around his rearing shaft, or fondles his balls, or even does both. I have another Sister, Chloe, a few years younger than her sibling, and no, I’ve never had the pleasure of her company in my bed. Unlike Lulu she is slim, has nice, pert boobs and never dresses like her slutty sister. My stiff rod is now right on the edge of ejaculating, my balls trying, time after time, to let loose my load, but Lulu is a mistress. She started sucking dicks when young, did line-ups at school for money, let the horny boys fondle her huge boobs and then drained their balls far quicker than she’s doing with mine. It’s not quite agony, but its damn frustrating when all you want to do is lose your built up cum-load. “Nice and hard this morning,” she giggles, My Sister Chloe don’t know what she’s missing. She needs to loosen up. How would you like her to do this?” asks Lulu. That remark does it, just like she knew it would. My prick jerks wildly as I fill her slurping mouth with my come. I hold her blonde head down on it, make her swallow the lot. When I am done, my dick starts to soften but Lulu needs it hard still, so she gets back to work on it yet again. I dare say that the thought of sticking its thick length into my Sister’s cock-hungry cunt helps a lot, for I am soon raring to go again. I push her back, yank those tiny panties right off of her, stare at her glistening pussy as it parts slightly. “I’m going to fuck you now you dirty bitch, fuck you real good,” I warn her. “You fucking better boy. Now get to it. I need that huge cock in me right now.”

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Refunds: No

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