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Taboolicious Temptation Stories, Book 3




Genres: Erotica


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Are you ready for more inter-family sex tales? Book 3 in the series


My family think I’m a prude. My Mom screws my Brother and don’t know that I know that dirty secret, but I do. I, ve heard them going at it, I’ve seen them doing it, and I’ve seen my Brother Rod’s huge cock. No girl can remain unaffected by such a sight, especially, it seems, my frustrated Mom. When I peeked in on them, my Mom had my Brother’s huge, eight-inch long cock in her mouth and he was loving it as her red-rouged lips slid up and down his remarkable prick, His body was wriggling, his legs waving, and when she sucked out his Jism, he went crazy. Was I getting my rocks off? You bet I was. I’d rubbed out a good one, my pussy reddening as I finger-fucked it rather excitedly. However, the best was yet to come when my Mom revived his huge dick, and then he buried it in her snatch. It was her turn to go crazy, her screams echoing through the house as she took advantage of my Dad’s absence to get her sex quota from my randy Brother. It seems that her being his Mom wasn’t stopping him one bit, he was giving her every inch of his massive dick and she was screaming for more. Anyhow, I might still be young, but my body is a woman’s already, my tits are big, thirty eight’s but I try to wear loose tops to hide them. I don’t need the boys to grope them up at school every few minutes like some of the girls do. Yes, I get urges, powerful urges, sexual urges, and having seen my Brothers raging hard super cock , I want some of it too.

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