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Erotica Illustrated, Book 3




Genres: Erotica



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Erotica Illustrated Book 3 The final book in this series, even more new explicit drawings and stories


My students might think that I’m a rather dowdy School Mistress, but they are wrong…. My favourite class is full of young, sexy teenagers and yes, I have my favourites, but the thoughts that fill my head each time I run my eyes over this class have no place in this classroom. They are wicked, avaricious and downright crude, and so I have to keep my thoughts locked up until I get the chance to fantasise over just how good it would be to take two or three of these young, inexperienced in sexual matters, young testerone-fuelled lads on, in the most demeaning way imaginable to me. How I want to see them lying naked around my bed, their cocks up hard and virile, each of them goggling in surprise at my luscious naked body as I lie there waiting for their first moves upon me. I shiver at the thought of so much throbbing prick at my disposal; each so perfectly formed, so smooth, so big and hard. Can such youngsters have cocks that are truly satisfying for a middle-aged, totally horny woman in her prime? Would they even know how to please me in the manner that I so desperately need them to?

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