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Vampire Lust




Genres: Erotica


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In the future, Vampires are accepted by humanity. They have changed and sex is now their main drive, Thomas Staedler is sitting outside the Sylvania Pleasure Complex, in Las Vegas around dusk. The temptations of this pinnacle of sexual satisfaction splashed all across its front on giant screens showing everything from escorts, live porn shows and other entertainments. He has six months back-pay in his pocket and a discount card to the place given him by his pal Lester before he left Mars base. Six months of sexual abstinence gnawing at his mind, driving through his muscular body, but he hesitates. Approached by the amazingly beautiful Vampiress Starlight he gets talking and is soon drawn up to her room for a night of wild sexual pleasure, only to find a new temptress sharing his bed the next morning.. At a loose end he accepts a mission from the Sylvania Pleasure Corporation to escort stunning wild card Vampiress Josephine on a secret mission to the Sylvania headquarters in Savannah and it doesn't take long for things to start to go wrong. So begins a sex-filled crazy road adventure that will not only change his life forever but will also bring into his life gorgeously attractive blonde showgirl Ice as well and new feelings that he never thought to ever find for the three amazing women that continually seduce him. This book set in the later part of the 21st century has mystery, intrigue and surprises galore and, of course, loads of hot wild sex scenes, after all Vampires don't drink blood any more they hunger for sex instead and the reason for the trip? You'll have to read the book for the huge surprise that awaits him and the rest of humanity.


When he returns both women look up and smile at him. There’s something a little odd about it, but he dismisses the matter and then stretches out on the big sofa, closes his eyes to think. He hears them chuckling, no doubt some little plot for the evening is hatching out in their crafty minds. ~ ~ ~ ~ It is a while later when the two women return, clutching bags of purchases from the complex’s shop. They still have that cunning look in their eyes as they grin at him and then disappear next door. Thomas has been dozing, having chatted at some length with Josephine who, it seems, for once, has no amorous intentions in mind, but instead, seems a little preoccupied until she retires to the next room, ‘to be alone,’ as she puts it. Thomas is a little surprised. She is normally very excited before an evening with a new lover, but she never mentions it once. He wonders if she is pondering on the future. Despite her lucky go lucky attitude it is obvious that she likes him a lot. Perhaps she is a little sad that their adventurous journey is coming to an end, and they will soon part. He is brought out of his deliberations when Starlight and Ice burst into the room, clad in diaphanous, full-length nightdresses and not much else. Their delectable bodies are coated in smudges of silver glitter decorating them both from their carnival masked faces down to their toes. Thomas stares in delighted surprise, as they wrap their arms around him and then they push him down onto his back. Starlight then produces some cuffs, secures his wrists and ankles to the bed and then she straps a black, masked face-dildo around his head. long and thick. He stares from girl to girl through the eye-slits, runs his gaze over their full breasts, their hard nipple’s pressing at the opaque material, their smooth bodies glistening as they move in with crafty intent. Ice puts a finger to her lips as she adjusts the rooms lighting and then puts on some mysterious music to enhance the mood. Neither girl speaks a word as they pour warm oil over his near-naked body and then they both began to massage him from neck to toe, eventually rolling him over. Little giggles pass between them as they yank off his underwear and then carry on with the massage, Starlight kneading his buttocks, Ice working on his back.

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