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Continuing the story of the Transylvania Corporations Battle against the Abolitionists Less This is the second book in this series and introduces two new characters into the fray. The tempestuous Serenity, enforcer and trouble shooter for the Sylvania Corporation, a tough no nonsense specialist in all things nocturnal and Sparkle, miniature android companion to mute Charlene. These two both play a part in fighting the Abolitionist movement in their own way. I would however urge you to read book One first before even looking inside this volume in order to avoid any possible spoilers. The action here is at times violent at other times hot and sexy.


Serenity is bored and when Serenity gets bored the world had better watch out because there is nothing serene about Serenity at all. As an anti-terrorist specialist working for the Sylvania Corporation, she craves action, and when. there isn’t any of that kind of action she fills in her time with another kind of action, hot, wild, raunchy action. The desirable vampire stretches out on the huge bed, her seductively-perfect body clad in little more than a completely see-through one-piece body stocking made of one of the newest synthetics; plasma-mesh. It shimmers every time she moves, ripples in alternate shades of silver and where it clings to her jutting breasts or a hip it turns translucent until she moves once more. “Dammit, where are those two,” she mutters, an impatient frown rippling across her attractive features as she pushes her long, dark hair back off her face. When Serenities wanton ardour builds up, when her body sizzles for sexual relief she wants it sooner not later, and this is now getting later and later by the minute, and she doesn’t appreciate it at all. She smiles as she thinks of how imaginative she’s been in choosing her hired partners for this evening. She’d found a new girl undertaking her first engagement, an amazingly enchanting, slim angel, an auburn haired cutie with a countenance that would charm and disarm the most dominant of men, and teamed her up with Paolo, a well built and superbly well-endowed man of long ago, Italian descent. He is a vampire like herself, yet full of old world charm and a most excellent lover. He can be gentle or demanding according to her whim. Tonight she wants to see how the girl responds to the new experiences that are sure to be something special, Serenity’s sex has to be a little different, that is what makes it exciting and fulfilling. She glances around the mood-lit room, catches sight of herself in the mirror. Tall not quite six foot, her spectacular body does things to the shimmer-stocking that would arouse any man and many women too.

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