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The Ladies Victorian Bawdy House




Genres: Erotica


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The ladies of this seaside resort are getting restless. Frustrated by the inattention of their husbands to their physical needs, Miss Ellie's bran d new Bawdy House is just what they are looking for. The young men recruited by the devious Dr Jones from the ranks of the local prison are only too pleased to oblige the ladies, who crave more excitement in their mundane lives


Miss Ellie dances from foot to foot with excitement as her three new charges are led into the bathroom. Her eyes gleaming as she feels her quim moisten at the thought of what is to come. The three young men are the current allocation of would be gigolo’s for women of society in the Town. Specially selected by the house’s benefactor, Doctor Jones, each has been thoroughly checked out as to health, physique and most important of all, a seven-inch plus, cock size. Her clientele would cock a snoot at any lad presented who had less to offer them. “Well me luckies, you got yourselves a peachy number here, if you behave yourselves, but first, strip off, it’s bath time, and those clothes; kiss them goodbye. We need you looking tops for our ladies, not scruffy.” The three lads look at each other, shrug, and then begin to disrobe. This is the part Ellie likes the best. A slightly overweight woman in her early forties, she is dressed in little more than her petticoats, her large breasts bulging over its loose neckline, her waist nipped in by a corset, her hips flaring into silk stockined legs. The three lads openly ogle the desirable woman, their dicks growing erect as they watch her tits jiggle and wobble. Ellie smiles as she inspects the lads, pleased at their physiques, and equally pleased at the lengths of their now stiff, pricks. Her slim hand strokes the length of each lad’s erection, eliciting groans of lust from the excited boys.

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