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Sealed Brothers


Book Type: Print & Digital


US Navy Seal Austin meets Haylee in a bar and tries to seduce her for a night, but Haylee has different ideas. After a bomb blast, she saves his life and the two get closer while he is recovering in hospital. When Haylee meets Austin's family, she becomes close friends with his brother Ash who is also a Navy Seal and thus far her only supporter in her budding relationship with Austin. When Austin is discharged from the hospital, things take an unexpected turn. Haylee stands between friendship and love. Can she combine the two and find lasting happiness? Ca. 29K words.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9783946011361

Edition: 1

Publisher: Tirza Schaefer


Language: English

Interior: BW

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About The Author

TIRZA SCHAEFER is an author, intuitive healer and reader, founder of Goddess Reiki, poet and voice over. She loves to spend time with her three amazing children, friends, drinking coffee, reading and writing. You can get all of my books via Books 2 Read where you can select the online bookstore of your choice. If you would like the print version of a book, please go to Amazon where you have the option to select the print copy. Thank you. Please note that all my romance novels are intended for a mature audience only. Happily ever after and no cheating are guaranteed. They contain graphic sexual content, at times mild violence and some strong language in keeping with the character's authenticity. If any of this offends you or you have a heart condition, my romance novels are definitely not for you. Try the family-friendly spiritual, children's and parenting ones instead. Read her books or book a Goddess Reiki or oracle card reading session with her on her website: Follow her on Social Media: TIRZA'S BOOKS:

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