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Erotica Illustrated Box Set




Genres: Erotica



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All three Illustrated story books at a reduced price.


When Mary Kelly joined the hot wife society, she little knew what fate had in store for her. Oh, she told her husband, she even told her best friend Louise. The former person just gave her a blank look, laughed out loud and then turned over in his bed and then went back to sleep after farting out aloud. Her best friend rolled her eyes, smiled politely and carried on baking her cookies. Now, you might think that Mary is some plain Jane, middle-aged housewife who’s jaded sex life has gone the way of many relationships as time moves sex down the pecking order to something that happens just once a month; and only then if the husband can actually get it up in the first place. But in her case it’s not really so simple, for while her sex life is near non-existent now, her looks have not diminished one iota since her heady High School years. She’s in her mid-twenties, married to a guy who once promised much in bed, yet as the years passed, he delivered little, and that little diminished to virtually nothing as the demon drink took over his existence. He never lived up to his early sexual promise after he left College, but instead became a drunkard, a wastrel, a completely unsatisfactory lover who would trade his last possession for a can of liquor. As long as he gets his meals served up daily by Mary, he is happy, and in fact, he barely figure’s in Mary’s mind anymore in relation to her sexual needs. Now, since she’s decided to make her foray into this new, exhilarating sexual adventure; we may not hear about him or from him again in this sultry tale of lust, desire and pure carnal adultery. Yes, Mary Kelly is venturing into the dark world of pure sexual lust and sexual experimentation, and consequently, has no concrete idea as to what adventures await her at her initial meeting at the ‘Society of sexually unsatisfied wives,’ or what her future life now holds in store for her. One thing she does know is that her sex life is about to rocket her into the realms of fantasy bringing her sexual experiences that she has frigged herself off too for so long. Mary Kelly is gonna go wild.

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