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The Regency Books 1-4




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The complete series of Regency books at a discounted price. Save on one book. When Mary Bolinbroke first discovered her father’s hidden books she enjoyed them so much that she resolved to write her own stories and to get them published. This then is her first penned work, a tale not only of her own lusty life as a young woman exploring the delights of sexual liaison, but also of the feud between her stepmother, Charlotte and the next door Neighbour, Lady Gormley. I n keeping with the times, licentious behaviour rules in the two houses, all avenues are explored in her story detailing the bawdy happenings that prevailed in this period of time when rude cartoons by such as Thomas Rowlindson were highly collectable and when the strict propriety of marriage was often circumvented by wicked lust. If you like a good historical romp with no holds barred then I’m sure this story will appeal to you, and id Mary were able to look down from on high she would be excited to know that her stories were still being read and enjoy


“Don’t you even think of it, Roger Gormley. I have nowt to hide from you, in fact I think I’m going to kiss you right here and now.” We meet in the middle of the summer house, he discarding his wet coat and managing to fling it aside as I cross the space between us and slip into his waiting arms. Now I’m no romance writer, so I’ll get past the locking of lips and squirming of tongues and into the bit you really want to hear about. “My god Roger, is that your cock I feel pressing so urgently up against me?” “My apologies. I am overcome by your warmth towards me and your truly sensual beauty causes it to rise madam.” “Faith man, don’t apologize. It feels like a handsome beauty,” I laugh, as I wriggle my hips closer so as to savour the myriad thrills that now shoot though my lissom body to excite me so. Now you will recall, that I am approaching full womanhood. My body is not round and voluptuous like many women of the period. My breasts are ripe for fondling, my hips nicely curved, though not too full, my legs long and lithe. I have no doubt that my eyes are sparkling with unconcealed desire while my thick dark hair falls loose around my face in damp, plastering strands. Oh, what an enticing nymph I must look to his awestruck eyes, no wonder he cannot control his feelings, for tis nature’s way to answer such a vision in a most positive manner is it not? To Roger Gormley I am forbidden fruit, juicy but untouchable yet he is kissing me again. His urgent hands explore my back, my bottom, anywhere he can reach as his desires surge and his erect weapon, though still covered, rubs up against my squirming body in a most ardent and intoxicating manner.

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