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What if fans told pro football to take a hike? 12 year old Billy Watkins has loved football his entire life. When a pro player befriends him it seems like his dream has come true. But when that player gets injured, Billy is exposed to the dark side of the game. From drugs and shady deals to the commissioner of the Professional Football Association and his lies, to kneeling players, Billy decides he's had enough and tries to do something about it.


Chapter 1 I stepped up to the white line that was painted over the brilliantly green grass. I stared at my opponent standing in front of me and he stared right back. I counted the seconds and just before ths snap, I winked at him. He blinked and it was just enough. The center snapped the ball. The quarterback dropped back. I took off down the field. My opponent was caught flatfooted and left me wide open. I made a brilliant stutter step and headed down the open field towards the end zone. The quarterback saw me and slung the ball in the air. It seemed to float forever. It floated so long that I ran right underneath it, caught it, and flew towards the goal. A safety had the angle on me and was loading up to make a crushing tackle at the five yard line. An instant before he got there, I stopped dead. There was nothing he could do as he launched himself at the empty air where I would’ve been. I stepped into the end zone and scored the game-winning touchdown. The Austin Augers had defeated the Larsan Lancers, 21 to 20 to win the Professional Football Association championship. I stood there, taking it all in. I had won the game yet again. Seventeen years I've played football. This was my second championship. But there was no roar of the crowd. No swarm of reporters rushing the field to interview me on the last game of my Hall of Fame career. In fact, there was no one there at all. Even my teammates didn’t bother to walk down to the endzone to congratulate me. They simply walked toward the locker room. There was nothing to celebrate. Professional football was over. This had been the last game, ever, and no one cared.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

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Former Corrections Officer turned Author. I've been writing for over a decade. My first crime fiction novel, 'One on One' was released in 2017. I released the 5th in my series of short horror story collections this july.

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