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Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Drusilla Webb is the Witch and the Dragon of Ice. She's the most powerful being in all of creation. She's been living her life on the downlow in Winter Cove until one night changes everything. She embarks on an adventure that consists of falling in love, breaking the curse on the Ice Kingdom, and even befriending those in her inner circle along the way. After all, she was once a loner before her journey of self discovery began.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9789358465068

ISBN-10: 9358465069

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing House


Language: English

Pages: 179

Interior: BW

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MADALINE is an inventive, imaginative, creative writer. She's been writing ever since she was a small child, having yearned to become a singer/songwriter. As she grew older, discovering her love for books, she also discovered her passion for storytelling. She has two siblings, is an Aries, and lives somewhere in Georgia. Almost anything and everything inspires her work…almost.

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