Crazy About Us - The Hunt Never Ends (The Hunt Trilogy Vol 3)


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Christian Hunt has the one thing that he has longed for: the love of a family. Yet they have returned home with a secret that can never be allowed to see the light of day, and must do everything in their power to guard it or risk the consequences that exposure will bring. But their joy is threatened when a ghost emerges to wreak havoc on their lives, and Christian is forced to confront his inner demons even as he struggles to protect the woman he loves from an unseen danger that lurks in the shadows.


"Don't look so surprised," Christian chuckled as she swung open the front door and peered up at him from disbelieving eyes. "We were in the neighborhood, so we brought food," he informed her with a wink as he leaned in and grazed her lips with a quick peck before brushing past her with Kip in tow. "Ian, where are you, my little love bug?" he singsonged as they made their way into the living room. "Ah, there you are, sweet pea. Big Daddy brought over Chinese for lunch," he informed Ian with a playful grin. "So the both of you just happened to be in the area?" Jessica inquired, fighting to rein in a laugh at their identical beaming smiles. "And brought lunch for the rest of the week?" Ian teased, grinning as they each deposited two large bags of take-out atop the coffee table. "And I suppose since you're both already here, and neither of you have anything else to do at the moment, you're both going to offer to stay and help Ian with his packing," she surmised. "Took the words right out of our mouths," Kip declared with a laugh as he reached up to tweak her nose with a playful pinch. "So, you want us to take that apart while you guys box up all of the knickknacks?" he asked, inclining his head toward the elaborate home entertainment center that was set up against the far wall. A part of her desperately wanted to be annoyed with them both, but she was too amused by their matching expressions of boyish glee to find the strength to chastise either one. Their smugness at strategically circumventing her request that they not accompany her over there that morning should have infuriated her, but another part of her was happy to have the two men she loved the most there with her. And the sight of them both shirtless, their sculpted muscles flexing with each movement as they dismantled the unit, was not a deterrent to having them help. "Is it hot in here, or am I just horny?" Ian's whisper had echoed her own thoughts, but Jessica rolled her eyes at him in mock-despair as she gave his arm a playful punch. "What?" Ian snorted. "It's not every day a guy gets to enjoy this kind of eye candy." "You're just a horny old goat," she muttered, her lips twitching with a grin as she imagined his brain exploding if he ever discovered that both beautiful men were her lovers.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798633088069

Publisher: Purple Orchid Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 340

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About The Author

What can I say about me? I’m a dog-lover, currently working as a domestic servant to three somewhat delusional rescue mutts. I also ‘own’ a cat, by which I mean I feed the neighborhood stray who conveniently stops by every evening around dinnertime. I’m admittedly a total trainwreck of a gardener, but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing an interest in bonsai. And believe it or not, I’m still hooked on ’90’s sitcoms. 🙂 Oh, and I also write adult romance novels with an HEA, or as I prefer to call them ‘modern-day fairy-tales for grown-ups’. 😉 🙂 I enjoy writing about strong, dominant men and the fiery, sensual women they fall in love with, because let’s face it, life is hard, and sometimes we all need a little fantasy into which we can escape. Books have provided that for me my entire life, and I hope that my books can now provide that escape for others. ❤

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