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How to improve your chances of success against Social Disadvantage, Poverty and Racism: Easily Learn My Continuous Self-Improvement Techniques


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The book describes my life from the 1960s to the 1990s; growing up in Saint Pauls and then Easton Bristol, UK. It explains the challenges and problems faced by a young Black Afro-Caribbean boy - and then his problems as a man. It also gives the structured thinking techniques and methods, that I used to overcome my experiences of Social-Disadvantage, Poverty and Racism. I believe that this book can turn around the life of anyone; regardless of race or ethnicity. The Covid-19 Pandemic crisis is causing a great deal of harm to people's lives. Many suffer from related illnesses - mental health problems, in particular. My book can help people to rethink their approach to life and maybe succeed, beyond their expectations.

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Book Type: Print & Digital

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I am a Computer Programmer, a Sketch Artist and a Published Author. I enjoy helping others to solve their problems.

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