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An Australian intelligence officer and an ex-NZSIS officer turned private investigator team up to find a missing cryptographer. Australian intelligence officer, Dave Crocker, is tasked with finding a missing cryptographer in New Zealand. His boss suggested he work with a local private investigator, Veronica Tracey. Peeling back layers of lies to find the truth in the missing person case, Crocker never expected it would involve Tracey’s 94-year-old Nana and her cronies, an unusual greyhound, and a closely guarded skill set


“The home where our woman was spotted happens to be the same one that houses my Nana and the Cronies of Doom.” “The Cronies of what?” “Doom. The Cronies of Doom. Nana’s little circle of friends. Think Nancy Drew and her friends, but older than dirt.” I wasn’t sure whether to smile or cringe. MacKinnon did say Ronnie was a colourful character. “Is that going to be a problem?” Ronnie nodded while saying, “No, not at all. How could a ninety-four-year-old woman be any trouble?” “The only lead so far is the one involving your Nana?” “Correct.”

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Writer of crime. Catnip to weirdos. Tequila aficionado. Twisted, dark, edgy, and fabulous! Lover of music and travel. ITW member #WritersLife #ByteSeries

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