Fight or Flight


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Maddox Parker is a young woman with her life ahead of her. She has the best friend, the boyfriend, and her creative spark. She ventures down a dark alley one night alone only to forget what happened that night. She’s not too worried about having forgotten, but it does sort of concern her. She’ll uncover secrets about her and everyone she encounters. Her life becomes a bit of a nightmare when she meets up with the Cromwell cousins after so long. She hardly takes to them. It doesn’t help when they aren’t who they think they are either. As she continues to dig up more information on the cousins; she encounters one other person who could change her life. She ends up connecting with Bat Treanor on a deeper level. A level she never wanted to go with anyone. She faces turmoil when she doesn’t get to fix the ongoing issues around her. She’s a vampire who has yet to be caught. So what happens when she’s possibly caught? She’ll hardly have to make a decision. ...but... She’ll have a choice: fight or flight. Which one will she choose when everything comes down to the boiling point?

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Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9789354900587

ISBN-10: 9354900585

Edition: 1

Publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing


Language: English

Pages: 319

Interior: BW

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About The Author

Author of my debut novel-- Sweet Pea; among other titles. Ravenclaw. Female version of Dil Pickles. 💫

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