Cammbour World of War: Little Secrets


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The kingdoms are divided, the world of Cammbour is locked in a never-ending battle, can one man alone end the hate and terror which taints their world? Greed is what tears them apart, the camps are full to bursting with the unfortunate, as the tyrant atlanti take villages and towns, leaving nothing alive in their wake.With a new champion rising through the ranks, it becomes an impossible task for him to unite the kingdoms against their common enemy. He must first begin with his own kingdom, but he is a nobody, himself. He knows that a poison grows within the kingdom of Cronnin, but the impossible task sets his blood on fire with rage, urging him to end the war.His name has gained a favourable repute amongst the taverns, they call him The Commander, The Shadow. He must now unite the armies and fight for their world, all while remaining in good stead with Kings and Queens, nothing will keep him from his much-needed revenge, until she comes. The unknown girl, a strange creature, a creature of prophecy, a creature of myth and legend, her duty, and her fate are yet to be decided. A prophecy is written, the dragons will fly when the king is found, but they have little time left, he must unite the world, and end the bloody battle of Cammbour.Ask no questions, get no lies - Harris Bearwood.

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'My mummy tells lies and kills people for a living,' - This was an actual statement from my 5 year old daughter to her school. Needless to say the head teacher was not impressed with mummy's career choice. Having written for several local newspapers, I burst from my bubble back in 2008 and published my first few books by ways of traditional publishing, it is so hard to be seen, but it happened. I took a break from writing back in 2013, and during 2020 I began work, again, on the saga Cammbour World of War. Cammbour World of War, Little Secrets, is the first in the saga, it is closely connected to the historical myth surrounding Britannia during the roman invasion. I'm fascinated with history and mythology, as a pagan myself, I tend to find a lot of history from the isles is missing, distorted and steeped in historical mists of time. Wandering druids and mysterious maidens hidden in woodland, always concerns me, where did they go? We know the Roman's destroyed the Druids, but this opens the gateway to Cammbour for me, wondering, what would have happened to the Druids, the wandering fey of the forests, if they had an alternative, what would have happened, close to 2,000 years ago if they had an option to survive? Fascinated with the concept of the Druids surviving, Cammbour was born, but I needed something to destroy them, something to challenge them, something to frighten them, as cruel as it may sound, a peaceful world, is a boring one. Creating that conflict were the atlanti, the most brutal of man. Deceit, greed, war and torture play a large part in Cammbour, but I did add in a lot of niceness as well, after all, it is a world, not everything is bad, or is it?

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