Fins And Legs


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This is a book about a mermaid wanting to see human life for herself, but her father denies her too until she saves a Prince from near-death...... or did he save her? She discovers what it feels like to love a human and what secrets her father holds about humans, but she also has a merman arranged in marriage... where will her future lead her too? Will she live happily ever after with the Prince or will she marry the arranged merprince? And which life will hold her tightly?


The storm grows larger with each minute passing, I cannot remember the last time I saw one like this… a large shadow floats on top of me and fear struck me “What is that?” The current pulls strongly on my tail as I swim towards the shadow, I know I may not, but I need to know “Come on men, we need to make this storm, we need to find land,” My eyes stretch at the human voice, I have never heard them so close, his deep clear voice frightens me

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I’m 28 years old. I’m a self-published author. I have been writing since the age of eight. I travelled a lot as a child, and this gave me plenty of experience to write. I’m a proud mom which enjoys reading as much as writing. Aiming to become an international author.

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