December's Symphony: A Mafia Trinity Novel


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Amy knew that capturing the eye of the infamous Antonio Russo would only lead to torment, but she found she couldn't stay away from him and resist his charm. Yet in the midst of their love appears an unexpectant threat to their happiness: Dimitri Baranov. Will Amy do what was expected of her so long ago, or follow her heart? In this brand new Bratva/Italian Mafia dark romance, you will find out that love can come from the worst places and blossom into something beautiful. *Book 2 of The Mafia Trinity Series of Novels.*


Two olive-green eyes stare back at her and she falls in love all over again. Opening the door reveals Antonio is a gorgeous three-piece Armani suit, she was looking at him with want laced eyes again. This led Antonio to chuckle, “Good evening, Principessa. May I come-" He starts and his eyes frown at her chest. Feeling self-conscious, a blush rose into her cheeks as she stepped back. Suddenly Antonio grabs her by this wrist with more force than he intended to. As she looked up at him, her heart dropped and she felt a wave of panic surge through her body at the deadly look in his eyes. If looks could kill, Amy would be six feet under right now. “Amy,” he starts, trying to control his anger “Who gave you that?” The look in his eyes terrified Amy, what was he so angry about? “On the night he left, Dimitri gave this to me to remember him by,” “And you accepted it?” Antonio says through gritted teeth, eyes not leaving the pendant around her neck. She shrugs, “Well, yeah of course I did. Listen, Tony, I can remove it if it makes you uncomfortable. It means nothing-" “Oh, but it means everything, Amy. He didn’t just give you any necklace. That,” he says pointing to the pendant, “Is known as a Tri-knot Russian ring. You accepted an engagement ring from a Bratva prince.”

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Book Type: Digital

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Romance author with a preference for dark mafia romances.

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