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Guinevere is a young girl who finds herself kidnapped by a time-travelling lunatic named Charles Chapman. She awakes to find that she is no longer in her own time period but in actual fact, she's in the future. She spends her days trapped in Chapman's prison that he built for people who tell lies. That's what he does, He examines the timelines and brings girls here who tell lies. Guinevere is not alone, She is incarcerated with three other girls from various different timelines. Out of all the girls, Guinevere is the one that is isolated by Chapman. What's so special about her? Why does Chapman pick on her so much? Guinevere is the only one that can help the girls escape but is also the one that can seals the girl's fate including her own depending on her choices. Will she make the right one and help her friends escape and go back to her own family?

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Book Type: Digital

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hey I am a Wattpad Author that constantly has ideas for books. I am 100 percent dedicated to completing my books and having more stories in the future! I am here on this fantastic site so my work can be seen by more people!

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