Escaping A Deranged Killer


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A young girl named Belinda Cartwright comes across a murder. She flee's the scene thinking she may get the blame. The murderer himself pursues her intending to kill her fearing she could tell the police of his crime but instead he decides to pin his crime on her. Not knowing who to trust and unable to even get the police to believe her.. She goes on the run.. Can she get out of all this before it's too late or will her world turn upside down for the rest of her life?. ⚠️ This book contains Graphic Violence and Attempted Rape. If this book should trigger you please do not read it. But do give it a chance because this book is about the main character dealing and overcoming What happened to her.

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Book Type: Digital


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hey I am a Wattpad Author that constantly has ideas for books. I am 100 percent dedicated to completing my books and having more stories in the future! I am here on this fantastic site so my work can be seen by more people!

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