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What happens when your deep love turns into unbridled hatred? A story a couple must tell their children how they came to be. A story about their birth parents who loved each other so much and hated each other even more. When love cannot or will not forgive, you find a dark romance about within a romance.


“Tell me, George, if I shoot this bitch in the head, how fast can you carve my babies out of her stomach, alive and well?” Sean asked, staring at Alyssa without blinking. And she stared right back at him, fearless. George jumped in front of Sean, arms spread wide, and shook his head. “I won’t let you kill her, or anyone, Sean. I won’t.” “Unless the next words out of her snooty mouth are ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘here’s the antidote,’ she’s dead!” Sean told George.

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Book Type: Digital

Edition: 1

Publisher: JODI LAYNE


Language: English

Pages: 106

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Jodi Layne loves and writes about all things supernatural, and a multi-genre writer, who has something for everyone in her works. She's a worker bee who writes on her downtime. You'll find her books are easy to read, a bit of humor here and there, written against the norm and usually based on a case of 'what if'? She loves to write novellas. Jodi will tell you that she's not writing the 'next great American' novel, just stories that make you laugh, smile, or cry for a little while. Other than writing, she loves KDramas, JDramas, CDramas, TDramas. You can follow Jodi on these sites: Twitter: @JodiLayne2 Instagram: laynejodi Discord: laynejodi Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.layne.733 Tumblr: laynejodi https://www.jodilayne.com/

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