The Shadow


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Mike Mcgann is an ordinary guy, His relationship with his girlfriend Joyce was falling apart alongside his fractured relationship with his own two children Holly and Micheal. On the day of the split, Mike and Caitlin sleep together and as a result, she becomes pregnant with his Child. Mike is determined to do the right thing and stand by her. But then all hell breaks loose and Caitlin loses somebody close to her. Will they ever get back together when it is discovered that it was all Mike's fault? Nothing will ever be the same again and There will always be that shadow hanging over them and being in the way of their happiness. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A little note for my readers, The main character Caitlin is 16 and in the UK The Legal age of consent is 16 so there is no underage sex content in the story! Please do not let this put you off and give this story a chance!

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Book Type: Digital


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hey I am a Wattpad Author that constantly has ideas for books. I am 100 percent dedicated to completing my books and having more stories in the future! I am here on this fantastic site so my work can be seen by more people!

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