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I began writing erotic books some 40 years ago, Wrote 10 stories, but alas, there was not even a whisper of ebooks back then, I even did illustrations for each story, and that was as far as I went, …..until around10 years ago after ‘d retire and got fed u with playing oc games, I looked into indie publishing. And so, I began writing, produced 4 stories and published my first books. More soon followed until today when my writing book total reached 76 books published, including one non erotic historical. Last yeasr I decided to use the drawings I’d done so long ago, I’d lost the accompanying stories in the meantime, so I wrote three books around each set of drawings, producing illustrated erotica. I plan to set up my own site to author sell these books since I can’t put them on any existing ebook sales platforms, so keep an eye out folks for their release later this year.

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