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Hi there! I'm Louisa, the author of Gifted. Gifted is my first book. It took me six long years after writing it to finally consider publishing. And now, here I am, at the beginning of this new exciting journey of getting my name and my work out there. So here's a little about me... I live in Yorkshire with my fiancé and our teenage daughter. We have a cat called Tilly, and five guinea pigs called George, Bobby, Guinea Mc'Pig Face, Sissy and Trixie. I love animals. If it wasn't for my better half then I would likely have an entire menagerie of them. I also love reading (obviously) as well as baking and crafting. I basically love to be kept busy. When I first started writing I worked in Primary Education. I would work throughout the day and write throughout the night. One of the first people I spoke to about my dreams of becoming an author was a teacher at the school. She told me that my name would look great on the cover of a book. I might be a little biased, but I think my name looks pretty good on the cover of my book. When I write I like to have a glass (or two) of wine and listen to music, that is where I find my inspiration. My all-time favourite band is Imagine Dragons. A glass of wine, a laptop and a good Imagine Dragons song is all I need to be in my happy place. If you have stumbled across my author page and are reading this now then I hope you will give my book a read, and I hope that you enjoy it. I plan to write many more. And if you have already read my book then I am truly grateful to you. You are helping me to live the dream. Feel free to leave me a little review, I would love to read some of your thoughts. Love to you all x

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