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Here's a snippet from my "What About Me" page --- I was born in a mild, caring, newly air-conditioned room at St Leonards – the Royal North Shore hospital. I was brought home to a small unit with my newly burped face and bum. I was born a boy and remain so to this day. Many years later I left school under a cloud of drama and exasperation and started work. It was very smelly being an apprentice butcher and I’ve been lucky to enjoy a number of so-called careers since. sales, music, driving, talking, listening and yelling, all sorts of things. I was drawn to blogging when I had both legs removed after an unfortunate skydiving accident. not only didn’t the chutes open, I bounced for two miles down a lonely country road and ended up lodged in a wasp nest up a tree. The bites actually brought me back to life and to this day I pay homage to those little bitty things. My legs have been replaced and aside from the odd squeak, I get about fine.

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