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The wise ass. A terrific debut with an astonishing cast of characters you won’t soon forget.

Making an absolutely terrific debut, Tom McCaffrey, has written a story that is funny, believable and heartwarming. When die hard New Yorkers, Jimmy and Gina, wind up in the witness protection program and transported to no where land, Colorado their crazy life becomes a whole lot crazier. The cast of characters they will come to know including Lenny, the federal marshal making sure they stay alive, Bobbi and Helen, definitely more than restaurant owners and a pair of quirky neighbors, who are not what they seem to be, will keep you entertained throughout. Oh and of course, Claire, the mule, who is the real wise ass in this magical story. They all have a story to tell and and McCaffrey does a top notch job of doing just that with each of them. His writing shows compassion for man and beast and when the bad guys come a calling, Jimmy and Gina will need the help of all them. McCaffrey has written characters that are real and human. He also introduced my new favorite animal in a book character, Claire. Believe me, you will never forget her. A throughly enjoyable first novel with terrific characters, a great story and a very satisfying ending. I can’t wait to go on another journey with them.

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