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Over The Rainbow And Through The Looking Glass

There was something about the eyes of the noble animal on this book’s cover that instantly engaged me, inviting me into her story. After reading the jacket description, I was hooked. Pull up a chair, because from the very beginning of the novel, the author, Tom McCaffrey, draws the reader into the world of the protagonist, Jimmy McCarthy, so effectively that you feel like you are one of the characters. Jimmy McCarthy is a New York City mob lawyer who is forced into hiding after testifying against his former mafia boss. Now Jimmy Moran, he and his wife, Gina, are relocated by the federal government to Northern Colorado, where he is reluctantly introduced to a mystical new world by a loquacious mule named Claire, who through her innate wisdom, teaches Jimmy what it really means to be human. The author transforms this work of fiction into a world of the possible, through cleverly weaving in titanium filaments of enough reality to make the story plausible. The author’s inclusion of classical literary references and thought-provoking contemporary themes makes this novel not just extremely relevant and entertaining, but educational as well. This novel has it all; humor, family, friendship, love, danger, suspense, the natural and supernatural, and heart stopping action. This powerful story will keep you on the edge of your seat and capture your heart, all the way to the explosive and unexpected ending. This novel will have readers clamoring for a sequel. I know I cannot wait for the next one.

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