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A dark romance for those on the wrong side of the tracks

Sultry, is the night is an immersive tale that sweeps you away while tugging at the heartstrings as the author unravels the bitter-sweet romance between Mario and Tess. In typical Barbara Avon fashion, the prose is heartfelt and smooth, sprinkled with raw emotions and infused with the 80s vibe. The characters are multilayered, conflicted, and genuine. Mario is grieving the loss of his mother after a long illness, and Tess is burdened by her father's condition and the unsavory compromises she must make to be able to afford his care. Seeking comfort and a place to belong, they need to make peace with their demons to find unconditional love. "He and Tess were kindred spirits, both tethered to their demons that took the shape of missing mothers, and fathers." Overall, Sultry, is the night is a bitter-sweet, insightful, heart-wrenching love story that kept me guessing from the very first page and was deliciously surprising, relentless and brimming with plot twists. I also enjoyed the Italian recipes sprinkled throughout the story, a throwback to the author's heritage, and I had to suppress a smile at Tess nursing a bottle of Birra Moretti at the beginning of the story since that is my beer of choice these days Sultry, is the night is a grim love story worth reading. Go check it out!

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