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Reborn Into Love




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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Before being reborn, Shang Qing was used and abused by her stepmother and stepsister. Her gifting in medical science became a tool to propel her sister to success, but she eventually was infected with the deadly K virus, becoming a living experiment subject for three years and died with great hatred and indignation!


In the confines of the Restricted Intensive Care Unit of the Research Center for Infectious Diseases, Shang Qing lay in the ward for patients with a Level Four virus, numerous tubes sticking out of her body. The pain had tortured her so much that she no longer looked like her old self and she was close to breathing her last. She clutched the bed sheets tightly with her claw like nails as she looked straight at the woman seated in front of her. “Everyone else with the Kurjit virus died within a month. But you didn’t just survive. You even managed to contain your virus. What a perfect living specimen! How does it feel just living from day to day for the past three years? Not bad right?” Her evil words were a total contrast to her beautiful face. Others visited her because she was ill, but Shang Qianqian was here to kill her. She took out a syringe full of a clear, light yellow liquid. “Oh look, here’s the antiserum that the researchers finally created yesterday! You’ve been hanging on for dear life just for this, right? They’ve grown so attached to you over the past three years, the moment the testing was complete, the research team made sure there was one prepared for you. Once you receive this injection, you can get well! Do you want this jab? My dearest elder sister?” Yes! Of course I want it! Shang Qing thought to herself as she closed her eyes and tried to hide the despair she felt. Shang Qing wanted this antiserum badly, but she knew that her sister would kill her the day the antiserum was created. She was certain of this – after all it was Shang Qianqian who gave her this virus in the first place! Not only did she get this virus, also simply known as the K virus – she had lived her entire life under Shang Qianqian’s thumb. Shang Qianqian barely understood anything about medical science, and she was now a beautiful and renowned genius doctor in high demand only because she had stolen everything important from her. Every time she thought about how she had merely become Shang Qianqian’s stepping stone to her current success, it nearly drove her to death. But she did not want to die – she wanted revenge! When the researchers saw her strong will to live, they said she was such an altruistic person, sacrificing herself for the rest of the world. She was being self sacrificing? What nonsense! She clung on despite the terrible pain for the past three years, because she hoped they would be able to quickly create an antiserum. The research team finally they had a breakthrough yesterday! The antiserum was finally created, but now Shang Qianqian was wickedly teasing her with this very thing that could save her life. She felt her anger boiling up inside of her, and the sheer amount of hate within her weak body surprised her. Shang Qianqian saw that she had shut her eyes and ignored her words, so she went straight to the point. “My dear sister, I know you don’t want to die, and actually I’m not afraid of you returning to the medical field because nobody will believe you anymore. Tell you what, if you tell me the code to unlock the safe of your research lab, I’ll inject you with this serum immediately, and then send you overseas to live quietly. How about that?”

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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