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The Unexpected




Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

Book Type:Digital

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It's a story about A girl named Leona, Her father was a fashion designer, and she had a step mom, Leona's father had always invested all his hard earned money on Leona's education..and to make things even worst, her step mom wasn't doing anything to assist the family in any way...Leona was the hope of her father, Her father wanted her to complete her schooling and become a working class girl in order to help her family become a better version...But her father's wish would shatter when Leona Found Love and became pregnant....Read for more info...It's really an interesting love story...


LEONA [ Yes! I made it! ] "And our Valedictorian for this year 2021 goes to.. Everyone waited in anticipation for the best student to be announced. A valedictorian is the student with the highest rank of the entire graduating class. The honor is traditionally based on grade point average and credits taken. A person with the highest grades in all the subjects is considered as a Valedictorian. It was the day of graduation and am just excited as everyone here. After years of schooling, am finally completing. Rhoda and I said silent prayers and smiled hopefully at each other. I and my friend, Rhoda, has always wished for that title and we've always worked hard for it. Though am glad to be a First Class student, my family will be much happier if my name should be mentioned. Am Leona Grande, the second child and the only daughter my mom gave birth to before passing on. My dad got remarried to Tasha and they had three children, all girls. So in all, we are a family of seven. Four girls and one boy. I'm from a lower class family, not rich at all. My dad is a fashion designer but his business was not doing all too well since all the money was invested into my education. Having a jobless step mum made it worse because the burden was on dad alone. The other three girls dropped out of elementary school while my eldest brother, Raymond, only completed highschool. So you can imagine, I was an investment to my family since all the earnings went into my education. My family is being forced to live a moderate and simple lifestyle all because of my education. For that, I'll always be indebted to all members. I'm not the normal teenage girl who chats and gossips about boys all the time. My life was totally different: that is, mentally, psychologically, physically and emotionally. My red platinum hair was overgrown because I had no time to trim it at the salon and it was almost below my butt anytime I lose it. Other than that, it was always wrapped on my head. I was under the "no boyfriend" policy and my dad always make sure that I wasn't seen around any of them, even though I was 19 years. I had no time to apply makeups or wear beautiful clothes. I was always cladded in faded denim trousers with faded hoodies. Well, let's say all the few clothes I had were all faded because of excessive use. Being a future breadwinner or should I say, caretaker or heir, which ever way, it wasn't an easy task. I was always the serious type, always locked up indoors with my books. All I do is read, read and read. I was a First Class nerd, only that I don't make use of those ugly spectacles. I only come out to eat and go back. Throughout my highschool I had no friend. I always walk alone despite that, my grades kept me popular since I was always awarded the best student. It was in college that I met Rhoda. She was from an extremely wealthy family and I don't know why she would befriend a church mouse like me. Anyways, I'm still glad she's my friend and I like her a lot. After graduation, I have to look for a good work with a handsome pay so that I can take over responsibility and repay my dad, send my half sisters back to school and also help my brother to college. It wouldn't have been me if my brother had done well in highschool. Am glad that he always supports me in anyway he could.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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