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Southern Mommas a Tale by Tallulah Louise




Genres: Chick Lit, Humor & Entertainment, Romance



Book Type:Print & Digital

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Maribelle McCrea delights her readers with a modern twist on the Southern family dynamic. Her delightful lead character is the enigmatic Tallulah Louise who takes the reader into the dilemma of staying connected to her roots and learning to fly on her own. As Tallulah would explain it, "All Southern women are complicated, but Momma takes the cake. If my momma is yelling, she’s just the typical β€œmad as a wet hen” mad, but when she lowers her voice and stares at you intently, Katie, bar the door. Momma’s about to lose it." Join Tallulah as she takes you through the twists and turns of life as a modern Southern Belle and all that entails. If you are Southern by birth or even by marriage, you may see some of yourself in this lighthearted look at life in a typical, crazy Southern family.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9798499483442


Language: English

Pages: 172

Interior: BW

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Maribelle McCrea is a fourth generation Atlanta native living just south of the city in a little town with 100 miles of golf cart paths. She loves riding bikes with her family and baking as long as everyone eats it all! She shares her home with her husband and Maltese puppy, Wicket.

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