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The Medical Student




Genres: Erotica, Romance


Book Type:Digital

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What does a medical student do when her tuition fees are due which she is unable to pay? She is faced with returning home to work in a supermarket - a failure. This is the dilemma facing Lucy. To make ends meet time she works as a stripper in a nightclub. It is there she is noticed and when fate intervenes, she is made an offer which is hard to refuse. A story about the spanking of a young woman.


‘Why do I have to be naked while you beat me? Surely the pain levels would hardly be reduced if I wore say a swimming costume or a leotard. I have plenty of those at home from my gymnastics past, they would at least leave me with some dignity. Presenting myself to you naked adds a degree of humiliation to the event, is this what you seek to achieve on top of inflicting pain, to humiliate me?’ Philip looked back at Lucy. ‘It’s an interesting point. I think you being naked will bring home to you your vulnerability Lucy. Let’s not quibble over such small detail, if you’d like to wear a tee shirt, or a short top that is fine, but your buttocks will be bare for the caning.’ Lucy wasn’t sure if she’d gained a concession, if she had it wasn’t perhaps the one, she hoped for. ‘I’m just worried about scarring, being left permanently marked. I do like the beach Philip and I also like to swim; I don’t want people looking at me and asking themselves - are those cane marks?’ Lucy smiled as she spoke, whispering the last sentence to prevent eavesdroppers on a nearby table hearing a sordid tale. ‘Twenty-five strokes of the cane at £200 a stroke adds up to £5000, this will be your reward at the end Lucy. More than enough to pay your tuition fees for the foreseeable future. Obviously, you will be welcome to come back for more if that is your wish.’ He paused while their sweets were served, he then continued. You will be heavily marked. I use a medium, very flexible rattan cane. As you can imagine at the rate per stroke I mentioned, I won’t go easy on you. Each stroke will be delivered with full force and there will be a 10-15 second delay between strokes. It will be an authentic judicial caning, a flogging. No mercy, no safe word. I will decide if I feel you’ve had enough or the damage to your buttocks is becoming a problem. I will draw blood. You will be heavily bruised for a week to ten days, where the skin was broken will take longer. After six to eight weeks there will be the slightest sign of a caning but over the months to come that will clear completely. By the summer you’ll be sunning your body on a warm sunlit beach and all any red-blooded man and possibly quite a few women will be interested in is how astonishingly beautiful your bottom is Lucy.’ She raised her eyebrows as he concluded. ‘That’s harsh Philip, it’s sadistic. I’m finding it a stretch to believe you’re not a cold-hearted sadist, luring a victim in with soft sweet words. I’m not sure I can take that?’ She replied softly, spooning a portion of strawberry cheesecake into her mouth.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

Interior: BW

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Welcome book lovers. We are a group of Indie writers working together to promote our books as well as support each other as independently published writers. You will find full length novels as well as short stories. We like to say we write with an edge. An edge of kink, an edge of sadism, an edge of mystery, an edge of romance too. Our books aren't everyone's cup of tea, but if you like your books a little more on the extreme side, if you like books which do not shy away from difficult subjects such as rape, racism or domestic abuse then you are in the right place.If you like your books with lots of dirty, kinky sex or with a touch of sadism then you are definately in the right place! Many of our books explore ddlg, Dom and sub relationships, and BDSM. I hoper you find something which suits your tastes.

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