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Lakshmi and the River of Truth




Genres: Literature & Fiction



Book Type:Print & Digital

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“Find the River of Truth,” said Virtuous Liar. Heeding his admonition, Lakshmi packed a few provisions, bid farewell to her friends from The Book of Bob, climbed into her little boat, and “much like a more illustrious literary character in a more greatly acclaimed sequel, Lakshmi Jackson lit out.” Join Lakshmi on her epic quest as she checks into the Hospital for the Ironically Challenged; sleeps in Metaphor Hotel; encounters upside-down people in an up- side-down world; and is befriended by a very special talking dog.


FELLOW TRAVELERS, let us embark upon a journey into obscure caverns, steep ravines, unconscious mysteries, and cryptic conundrums that constitute the dream world of Lakshmi Jackson. Before we set sail into her deep domain, it will be useful to survey the seaworthiness of our vessel, plug the leaks, check the tarps, test for rope frays, and, as they say, batten down the hatches. If we are to achieve a thorough illumination of Ms. Jackson’s inner landscape, we must take inventory of the various constructs we may encounter along the way.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781945587733

Publisher: Dancing Moon Press


Language: English

Pages: 182

Interior: BW

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