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A Short Erotic Quickie With Mrs. T: Another Day In Paradise




Genres: Erotica


eBook Options:.epub

Refunds Allowed:No

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The third story in the series A Short Erotic Quickie With Mrs. T. Well, to be honest, it's not really a series. More a collection of quickies aka short stories that takes place between the longer ones already published. Each and one of them can be read as is or in the order of being published. That is up to you, the reader. T and I are back at the beach, having another day in paradise. We both can't get the other of our minds. The urges, the cravings, it takes over. On the beach, we end up giving in to our sexual desire once more, but when we enter the water to cool off it gets even hotter. Mrs. T entices me to take her, even more so when we are back at the house. Naughty without being dirty, sexy without being explicit, detailed without being graphic.

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File Size: 264.42 KB (.epub)

ISBN-13: 9781005659011

Publisher: WritingsForTheMuse


Language: English

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Refunds: No

A group of weird people who get together and write everything between extremely naughty taboo to the sweetest erotica. It can be prose, explicit, graphic or just pure hints. It all depends on who's penned the story. Follow us and get to know us. We have a tendency to be overly social and drunk :-) Hope you don't mind!

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