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an eBay life for me




Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, Business & Money, Nonfiction

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Are you stuck in miserable employment and want to change career? Make money selling online and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss. 'An eBay Life for me' is the perfect starter guide to help you delve into the world of online selling. This book includes practical advice on how to source stock, pack items to ensure safe delivery, useful tips to help you buy items that will return good profit. Dawn Wilkinson has been a online seller for over 14 years and has acquired over 93,000 positive feedback. She has an excellent reputation online. “Whether you would like to make extra money from selling online by decluttering your own belongings or simply wish to sell online and be your own boss. This book will provide the knowledge you need in order to do so. This is a simple, concise book, containing step by step instructions, tips and advice on how to sell online successfully. Dawn Wilkinson is a vastly experienced and successful ‘eBay™ entrepreneur’ with many years of selling experience on an online platform. And in this excellent, inspirational book she shares many amusing stories and sound advice to inspire you. Dawn has been a full-time eBay™ seller since 2007 with an over 93,000 positive feedback score. Within these pages you will find much practical information to help you start your own online business. Including:This book will definitely be your first step on the road to becoming a highly successful part or full-time eBay™ seller!” John Hamer, author. Chapters include information on: Researching and sourcing stock Step by step guide on how best to list an item to attract more potential buyers Handy tips to ensure you pack your items correctly to avoid damaged items in the post How to deal with Customer queries and complaints Useful tips to help you avoid making mistakes that cost you money Applying this useful advice to sell on other online sales websites. It also includes tips on how to sell successfully at car boot sales. Plus more!

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital


Language: English

Pages: 159

Interior: BW

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eBay seller flutterbuys123 since 2007. UK based Top Rated eBay seller with over 93,000 feedback. After many years of buying and selling I have developed a good eye for a bargain. The most priceless item I have picked up from an online site is my cat Pixie as shown in my profile picture. I believe we should all be living the happiest life possible. This picture of Pixie sums it up perfectly: relaxed, happy and content. If you want to change your life and manifest your own business my new book is for you! Free yourself from miserable employment and make money doing something you enjoy. If you want to make some extra money in your spare time, this book will give you the knowledge to do this. My new book 'An eBay life for me' is a collection of tips, funny experiences, and helpful advice to help people pursue their own online selling adventure! I want to inspire people to delve into the world of online selling and help people find a career they enjoy. Life's too short to be doing a job you hate! My book also includes inspirational quotes throughout to promote positive thinking. My book includes website links to help UK based people however many of the tips can be transferred to all nationalities. I have also included a list of suppliers at the end of the book to give readers a kick start with their business. 'An eBay life for me' is an easy and concise book to follow. I have also included funny stories from my many years of selling. Even if you do not wish to make eBay a full-time job I am sure you will not be disappointed with the material included in my book.

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