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My Greatest Regret




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Two people in Marriage create beautiful bond called Love , soulmate god choose a mate for you . preview "Good morning" she mumbled softly smiling.She look up when she got no reply or any movement from her mate Aaron.Aaron remove his arms around her and suddenly sat up. "What the -!"he muttered when realization hit him."A-Aaron what happened" Grace asked nervously getting up from her laying position."! !How did it happened" Aaron pull his hair in frustration.Grace bite her she don't know what to do or think of Aaron reaction. he didn't regret it right? No don't think like this Grace. She won't yeah she can't. think positive.But her hope crumbled with Aaron next words."I am sorry ""W-why?" she hold her breath don't want to hear the next words. She's not ready she can't take it."I was not in my right mind, i lost control again. I didn't want to do this. I am sorry"Aaron's every word was scratching her heart painfully. its painfully. So hurt."B-but we are m-married and you are my mate, it's alright right? I-It's normal in c-couple then why are you s-sorry?" She was already tearing from inside."But we are not a couple Grace!!" He shouted standing up."I didn't even wanted a mate at the first place!!" he said pacing back and forth. Grace tears started running down from her cheeks."Look, i-it was just a mistake. Don't take it seriously. Just think it didn't happen and we are good. ." He said and just stormed out of the room.Grace grab her chest that was hurting painfully. A mistake. That was it?The night she was so happy she was peaceful. Where she feel loved and wanted from her mate.... was just a mistake.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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