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Death Judge Noble Park




Genres: Literature & Fiction

Book Type:Digital

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The world was glorious, shining like gold in the middle of the universe as people raised their toasts, celebrating the victory they had. However, the victory they achieved turned out to be a nightmare. The victors swung their blades as the blood of their own kin spread on the floor. The victors did everything, no matter how cruel it is, just to achieve victory. In the end, the world was like a paradise—a deceptive paradise everyone thought was glorious . . . but it isn't. It was fiendish. Maximaze was a child from the lowest level of civilization, a slave of the superiors. Maze just wanted a peaceful life with her mother, Sybil, while desiring to find her father who was separated from them since the day she was born. Until one day, an old friend of her parents entered her life and gave her an opportunity to study. However, there was a condition. Maze needed to be one of the candidates to become a Death Judge and travel the world. Her desire for peace made her continue the ruthless road of becoming the Death Judge. Her quiet yet terrific life with her mother before became more chaotic—worse than slavery. As she wandered the world, she found out the truth. Maze's dreams shattered into pieces—nightmares kept visiting her, day and night. Since that day, she received a horrific reminder.

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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