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A Lusty Librarian: A Lesbian In An All Female College




Genres: Erotica, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Books


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Susan Foster had been married to a real asshole, and finally gotten a much deserving divorce from him. From that day on, she found a brand new sexually fulfilled world awaited her, in an alternative LGBTQ lifestyle. It was that of a lesbian. Perhaps, it was the cruel and unjust treatment that she had endured so long, living with him. We will never know for sure. Subsequently. she chose to live her life, as a single female, and even dated a few men, just so no one else would suspect her hunger for female flesh. This book chronicles her rise up the ladder to senior staff member, at an all girls’ college, in the North Eastern United States. Some of the so-called perks she receives are more than amorous, to say the least. There does not seem to be one sexual practice that she has not tried, either by receiving it, or performing it on another, more than willing, horny female, hungry for perverse feminine sexual adventure. She can be so sexy and demure, even very romantic in her actions at times. While at others, you will find out just how wildly wicked she can be, with her crude, and lewdly savage, wanton sexual behavior. Some of it might shock and stun you, or perhaps make you even hornier than she is capable of being. You will have to decide for yourself. Just make sure you have enough facial tissues to clean up your messes.

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