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The Cursed Alpha's Mate




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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Prince Valens, the cursed werewolf prince. He takes everything he wants. But the true thing he seeks, he cannot find. Wandering the earth for over a hundred years in search of someone to break his curse, Prince Valens has become nothing but a cold man; brutal, unapologetic, and merciless. He wanders the world in search of his mate, invading packs and staging takeovers until he meets her: the nameless omega, his curse breaker. Aysel, the daughter of traitors. Being abused, broken and rejected, she has no hope of a better life until she meets him: the cursed alpha, her savior. A prince cursed with immortality; an omega once rejected. With an ex desperate to get her back, a scorned alpha hellbent on ruining them and her true identity emerging, the relationship between Aysel and Valens threatens to fall apart. Will they weather this storm together? Or are they cursed to sink?

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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