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My Paranoid Billionaire




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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"Let me go! You are kidnapping! I never had your child!" "You had better keep your mouth shut and not struggle with me or else, I will pluck out your eyes and feed it to my dogs!" He said angrily while she became so scared at that instant. And then, he zipped down her jeans. The bustling of the day was already going silent when Jessie was about to go home in the evening. She looked around her workplace and saw that everyone had left the company already. Realizing that she may not find a bus so soon, she hurriedly stood up and walked out of the company. Sighing in tiredness and frustration, she walked slowly, patiently hoping that a cab would pass so soon because it was already too late for a bus. Just as she was about to sit down, a black luxury nanny car stopped right beside her and before she could think of anything else, three men came out hurriedly like a flash and before she could scream out, they had bundled her. "Hey! What are you trying to do to me? Let me go, now!" She yelled out as she bit off one of the men who groaned for a while. It seemed like she was overpowering them already as she bit him again and tried to hit the other two men. One of the men cursed and brought out a black clothe and just as she was distracted already, trying to hit them so hard, he hurriedly used it to cover her eyes. "Hey!" She yelled out and tried to struggle with them as she used her fist to hit them but then, another man used a rope to tie her arms and legs. "What do you think you are doing right now? Let me go! This is purely illegal!" Now, she was powerless as they heaved a long sigh and took her to a car that was packed not so far from them. "We have her already in your custody, boss!" She heard one of them say while she looked around in shock, trying to free herself. What's going on? She thought in fear as she tried to untie the ropes wondering whom she had offended but then, she was stopped by a familiar smell of perfume that filled her nostrils. Distracted again, she wondered if she truly knew the person that had done this to her. The scent was just too familiar for her not to recollect. No matter how much she tried to recollect who the person was, she just could not figure him out. Sighing again, she leaned towards the back seat even though she still felt restricted. "Why are you doing this to me? Let me go!" She said again, uncomfortable. She knew for sure that the fact that the car was a very expensive car, the man did not have any intention to collect any money from her. Why then did they have to do this to her? She had never offended anyone and was always on her own. "Please, let me go!" She pleaded again but then, she heard no response. It looked as if they had all planned not to say anything to her. "You can't get anything from me. Even if you kidnapped me just because you feel like my organs are healthy, they are just worse. I have nothing to offer you guys. I'm not pretty and not even worth the chase! Can't you see how plain I am?" She said again, hoping that they would just listen to her and then, probably let her go. Just then, she realized that she was only being ignored. She began to think of so many things. What if they had actually kidnapped her because they wanted something else in return? Why did they have to do this to her? She thought again. "Tell me whom your boss is!" She said again but then, as usual, she received no response. And after a while that she had resigned to fate thinking that maybe they just wanted to have some fun with her, someone cleared his throat. "Aren't you Jessica Hills?" "Yeah, I am. Why do you ask?" "You're just 24 years of age and you stay at lane 1, new estate and you're just a business worker! Am I right or not?" The person said again while she nodded, wondering why someone would just suddenly do a lot of basic research about her and get her towards this point! Listen, if you think that I have a reasonable job and you feel like I can be exhorted through that, it isn't true. Please, just let me go!" She said again while no one answered again. "I understand that you may want something from me but then, this isn't fair. I mean..." Just as she was about to continue, someone interrupted her. "And where are my kids?" The man said, in a very deadly voice which shook her a bit but then, she remained calm as if she was not scared of anything. Jessie instantly thought that his children were missing. Was that why he had her kidnapped he must have thought that his children were in her custody? Geez! She was misunderstood already! She thought and heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that it would be all over soon. "Sir? Your child? I don't have them! I have never stolen any man's child and I think that this is all a misunderstanding. But, I can help you find them! I mean, we can work together to find them..."

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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