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Priced True Love




Genres: Romance

Book Type:Digital

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For the sake of money, Cheng Yalu sold herself to Xiang Yu World. Xiang Yu World, a cynical lawyer, was a newly married couple. His voice was cold. "Don't call me, don't lose my key, and don't say that you're my wife." Cheng Yalu nodded and kept in mind her duty. She didn't go too far. However, God deliberately played tricks on her. She lost his key and called him. He also said, "I'm Mrs. Xiang!" "Do you really want to be my wife?" Xiang Yu World pressed her against the wall and tried to hit her. Her face was red and red. She wanted to cater, but she remembered that the woman he loved was not her. "I will pay off the debt of one million yuan as soon as possible..."

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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