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It's the love story of Jason and Kat. Kat has been betrayed, drugged, and locked away in a clinic against her will. She is fighting for her life and her sanity. Jason kept his distance from Kat for years, but he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means surrendering to their desires. s.


Kathleen opened her eyes to a white ceiling, white walls, and no windows. The strong smell of antiseptics may have woken her up, or perhaps she was still dreaming. She wasn't sure of anything anymore as she lived in a haze lately. Her throat was parched, her thoughts muddled. She tried to move her arms but found them restrained to the bed. The same happened to her legs. In an attempt to control her growing panic, she drew a deep breath and released it with a slow exhale, then repeated. Still, the fear continued growing. For a second, she contemplated the idea of dying, and it had an allure that frightened her. She needed to get out of this place. She couldn't remember what had happened to her that made her end up here. Jason covered his face with both hands, rubbed his eyes, and sighed, "Kat's father, Peter Johnson, was my godfather. He was my father's best friend and my guardian. When my parents died, Peter immediately took over and handled everything. He welcomed me into his family with open arms, took me under his wing even though I was a problematic fourteen-year-old." "So, Kathleen is your adoptive sister. Why have I never heard about her before?" "No! I mean, I never saw Kat as a little sister, as we didn't spend much time together. I knew the Johnsons my whole life, and we were neighbors for many years in South Carolina. My father new job forced us to move to Nevada, and they didn't see each other so frequently anymore, but they kept in touch through the years. That was before Kat was born. The first time I met Kat was when I moved into Peter's house. She was a little six-year-old girly girl, living on her rainbow world, and fairy tale life."

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S. A. Santos is a writer of romance and paranormal romance and the author of short stories and the independent novel, Sacrifice. Her upcoming novels are: Truth at last (a romance novel), and, Into my soulmate's arms, book 1 of the paranormal romance trilogy, Through Another Dimension. A former sales executive at a multinational technology company, she has recently left the rat race to pursue a full-time writing career. She also loves experimenting with another way of writing: photography. This website is her sandbox, where she plays with colours, textures, shadows and light. It is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of photography and creativity. To learn more about the writer, visit

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