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An Angel's Heart




Genres: Literature & Fiction, Paranormal, Romance

Book Type:Print & Digital

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Good vs evil, mass destruction of the world, love conquers all and self discovery


Home and hearth were not the life Rhea dreamed of. She longed for adventure and sights beyond her little village, where everything stayed the same. Enlisted as a healer and light bearer by the goddess herself, Rhea said goodbye to all she had ever known and set off to find her place in the world. When a dark and dangerous force threatens to bring down all that Rhea holds dear, she must rise above and fight. Magic, matters of the heart, and a little help from a vampire that struggles to hold on to his humanity will be the foundation Rhea needs to face the world’s greatest evil. Before she can take on the demon king that threatens her very existence, she must first face the demons she keeps locked deep down inside herself; she must unleash her inner power and learn to trust her heart. Love will conquer all if she can only find it within herself to let go of the past and learn to be loved for who she really is.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781646543946

ISBN-10: 1646543947

Edition: 1

Publisher: Fulton Books


Language: English

Pages: 230

Interior: BW

Keywords: , ,


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