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Seed of Deception




Genres: Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction, Mystery

Book Type:Print & Digital

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The action is back, this time Thomas Briggs heads to New York, and he has to find a way to clear his former informant and friend, Chico. Framed for murder of two DEA Agents, he was facing the death penalty. However, Briggs’ efforts to find the truth brings him face to face with someone from his past, who’s only agenda is to eliminate Briggs and everyone connected to him. Facing overwhelming odds, Briggs goes into survival mode for Stefani’s sake, until she is viciously attacked. That’s when Briggs turns on the switch, and now he is hell-bent on destroying everyone involved, and he won’t stop until the one that’s haunted him for so long, is dead.

Book Details

Book Type: Print & Digital

ISBN-13: 9781708726034

ISBN-10: 1708726039


Language: English

Pages: 284

Interior: BW

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