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Lily the TrimShave Girl




Genres: Erotica

Book Type:Digital

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Lily is innocent - but nobody believes her! Framed for a crime she didn't commit, Lily Drew is offered a chance to avoid jail by working at Benny's Department Store. It seems like a good idea until she meets the lecherous owner, Vic Benny. Lily's initial misgivings about him are soon justified as Vic gradually sucks her into his depraved world where she is compelled to run around the store as a virtual slave in ever increasing states of undress. Lily is reduced to the lowest rank of the employees, working long, humiliating hours, for next to no pay, and her workload soon includes displaying herself in the showers and jacuzzis in front of leering male customers. Eventually, Lily is coerced into demonstrating sports equipment and electronic lady razors and body massagers—in front of large crowds of weekend shoppers! As Lily's performances become more and more explicit, word spreads, and before long the whole town is packing out Benny's to catch a glimpse of Lily, the shamefaced TrimShave girl!


Lily’s trembling hand went to her zipper and opened it. Then, hooking her thumbs into her waistband, she lowered her jeans, bent forward, and pulled them over her feet. Interestingly, she didn’t bother to pick them up and put them with her other clothes on the chair this time— was she already starting to resign herself to this indignity? Keeping her thighs together, Lily first put one foot, and then the other, into the leg holes of the red shorts. Despite her efforts to obscure his view, Vic got a good look at her smooth pale thighs, which were not badly shaped at all for such a trim physique. Her panties were plain white, the fabric thin enough for him to glimpse a dark pubic bush underneath, thicker than he would have expected on such an otherwise hairless body. Trying her best to maintain some measure of dignity, Lily drew the shorts up her legs, struggling to get them over even her slender thighs, before finally managing to secure the button at the top. She lowered her hands and looked at the wall again while Vic ogled her at his leisure. In such a short space of time he had already transformed her into a sexy little nymphet who would look awesome on the shop floor! She still had her ankle socks and sneakers on, and Vic decided that they could stay for now. The overall effect, along with the skimpy, braless singlet and ass-hugging red shorts was dynamite—although from her miserable expression, it looked as though Lily didn’t think so. Vic smiled with satisfaction, and said, “There you go! You’re looking like a Benny’s girl, already! Let’s go downstairs and get you started!”

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Book Type: Digital


Language: English

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When I first started publishing my own brand of no-holds-barred, quirky, and highly indecent fiction some years ago, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on so many different people from all walks of life. Emails from readers of both sexes began to arrive in numbers, asking me to write about specific scenarios, suggesting ideas, or simply just praising my work. As I began to correspond with more and more readers, I realized that these tales were also far more than just sex fantasies to them. For many, I had touched a nerve and opened up a complex tangle of subconscious desires that they hadn’t been aware of before. My stories are all about sexual and social humiliation, but the mental and emotional interplay between my characters is of as much importance to me as their physical relationships. I like to worm my way into my readers’ minds, and have in some cases, so I have been told, even ‘changed their lives’. My stories are often hard-hitting, too close for comfort, and not for the fainthearted. But whether you love them or loathe them, as long as I am visited by these prurient thoughts, I find myself compelled to keep on writing them down. My preoccupation with deviant sex dates back as far as I can remember – as does my love of the written word. Add into the mix my strict Victorian-style upbringing, and the result is a passionate literary exploration into the heady realms of sexual and social humiliation, forced behavior modification, and physical and psychological control and domination. When I'm not writing, I hang out at a tropical beach side bar, people-watching, and dreaming up more salacious tales.

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